Lenderborg Academy

At Lenderborg Academy, ("LA") students are guided on their academic journey with understanding, fairness, and purpose. We believe in balance, strong values, and providing an educational experience you can trust. 

Our model is based on a systematic approach to providing quality education and community development opportunity. This cohesive and comprehensive approach integrates the current and future needs of our developing communities. It is the total immersion of the student in their environment, utilizing best practices of the educational process, and connecting real-world exploration, that prepares students with critical thinking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for the challenges in adult life. 

Our mission here at LA is the creation of a professional school environment where students will have the opportunity to achieve their objectives. 

Lenderborg Academy has a perfect strategy for our students. Lenderborg Academy is powered by New Revelation University. 

Business Management

Prepare yourself today to be tomorrow’s business leader! Whether you are an experienced businessperson seeking additional knowledge to enhance your current career or expanding your opportunities by entering the business world for the first time, our programs provide the fundamental business knowledge and management skills you need to build your career.

Non-Profit Grants Sustainability Strategy


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